RAW POWER >>>>>Legacy Edition

I just got Raw Power(Legacy Edition) the other night. The live show on the bonus disc is saving my life. Twenty people clapping in between songs. Iggy is being a loudmouth and telling crackers that they are going to get punched in the face. It's everything I love about Punk or Rock N Roll or Music or Whatever. Fuck all soft bullshit bands with your dumb tats and managers and mommy issues. Just fuck off and die, quit ruining the world with your garbage that you didn't even write. Ya'll are killing music. Go buy the new RAW POWER if you seek salvation or need to be reminded whats worth living for. At the end of head on you can hear a some girl in the crowd say ber say "i dont think he likes us". The crowd is on trial, not the band. Exactly. This is the best shit I have heard in forever.