STOLEN! REWARD! The Icarus Line's Vintage Antigua Fender P-Bass.

This isn't a picture of the actual bass that was stolen from us but it's pretty much what it looked like. The year was 76 I believe. This bass was used on most of The Icarus Line records and hold significant sentimental value. The only differences between ours and the one pictured is that the input jack was totally fucked and had to be reset a couple times. Also, the chrome pick up guard was removed as was the chrome bridge cover.  It has been missing for over four months now and we haven't wanted to go public about this but I guess it's time now. If you see some Jackhole playing one onstage at the Echo or Silverlake lounge ask him " Hey isn't that bass like extremely rare? Where'd you get that?" Any info that leads to it's capture will garnish a handsome reward. Happy Hunting!