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The 24th Uncut Playlist Of 2011

2011-06-24 09:48:26

Thanks once again to Nick this week, who’s added a load more albums to the Wild Mercury Sound Spotify playlist. I doubt whether many of these selections will be available; the Bon Iver, maybe?


I gave “Bon Iver” another play, following all the pretty ecstatic reviews, and am still baffled by this one. It’s not just that I’m disappointed by it, I think, it’s that I actively dislike it. But perhaps you think differently?

More positively, two great new Sun Araw records for solstice week.

1 Fool’s Gold – Leave No Trace (Iamsound)

2 Gétatchèw Mèkurya – Ethiopiques Volume 14: Negus Of Ethiopian Sax (Buda)

3 Eternal Tapestry/Sun Araw – Night Gallery (Thrill Jockey)

4 The Icarus Line – Wildlife (Cobraside)

5 Bitchin Bajas – Water Wrackets (Kallistei)

6 The War On Drugs – Slave Ambience (Secretly Canadian)

7 Twin Sister – Bad Street (Domino)

8 Puro Instinct – Headbangers In Ecstasy (Record Makers)

9 Bon Iver – Bon Iver (4AD)

10 Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - Luminaries & Synastry (Digitalis)

11 Sun Araw – Ancient Romans (Drag City)